Organ Tuner, v2.0

Designed for organ builders and technicians, our iPhone/iPod/iPad app provides the very best in pipe organ tuning.

Find the app in the App Store by clicking here:

Here is what the main tuning page looks like on the iPhone.  The bar with the two black squares is called the Phase Display.  The squares move left for flat and right for sharp, similar to a strobe tuner.  You tune the pipe so that the pattern comes to a stop.  This display is for fine-tuning. It is the most accurate tuning indicator available.

Below the current note display is a graph called the Spectrum Display.  Derived from a high-resolution Fourier Transform, this display gives additional information about the distribution of sound energy across the frequency spectrum.  If there are several pitches sounding at once, this graph will show a peak for each pitch.

New: Version 2.0 includes provisions for receiving Bluetooth temperature readings from a Tempo sensor from Blue Maestro. For more information on these sensors see the Blue Maestro website. They are also available through

The best way to learn all about the Organ Tuner app features to download the manual right here:

  Organ Tuner User's Manual, version 2.0

More historical temperaments (in addition to those that come pre-installed with the app) can be found here.

If you have any questions about the Organ Tuner app, please e-mail us at

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