Ordering TuneLab for Android

Important: Before placing an order for a license for your device, perform the following checks to ensure that your Android device is suitable for running TuneLab.

  1. Tune any midrange string on a piano using TuneLab. The phase display (the moving boxes) should move smoothly when the note is almost in tune. If it moves in a jerky fashion, freezing three times per second as the spectrum display is being updated, then this device is not suitable for running TuneLab.
  2. Create a new tuning by measuring inharmonicity for some piano as described in the manual. Note the stretch at C8 and save that tuning by name. Now load any other tuning. Verify the stretch at C8 is different. Then load the tuning you had saved and verify that the stretch at C8 is as it was when you saved that tuning. This verifies that you are able to save and reload tunings.
  3. Play the note C8 on a piano and verify that your device can detect C8 with TuneLab. There should be a peak at C8 in the spectrum graph, and there should not be a peak near A#7 when playing C8. If both of these peaks are present when playing C8, your device has a false sampling rate.
  4. Try out enough of the features to satisfy yourself that this software really is what you want. We want only satisfied customers.

Payment for TuneLab for Android:

Regular price.

$300 USD:

Discounted price for TuneLab customers who previously bought TuneLab for the Pocket PC or Windows platforms. (Discount does not apply to purchasers of TuneLab for the iPhone/iPad.)

$200 USD: